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Gravelines with Transit Lake at Avant-Garde Bar!

Avant-Garde Bar, 133 Besserer St, Ottawa, Ontario

PART 1/2:

BOOM! All of a sudden it's winter. Snow is coming down like there's no tomorrow and you're too afraid to get up in the morning to face the cold, cold world. What do you do? Find a thick sweater, cozy pijamas and socks and make your way down to the kitchen for breakfast: your favourite (and the most important) meal of the day. But......there's no food in the fridge, cause you forgot to do groceries. Which also means you have no coffee.... you're clearly having a bad day, and thinking you're about to have a really bad winter.

However, there's a glimpse of hope on the horizon. You've recently discovered a band a few months ago called "Gravelines". You can almost hear their music when you think of that show. Your mind was blown away by their unforgettable sound, yet you put it on the back burner and "sort of" forgot due to your chaotic work/student life.

But you didn't forget. When you look up their name on the Internet, you find their website and it leads you to a magical place where all their music is layed out perfectly for you, as if it actually was layed out perfectly JUST for you. It seems like a dream when you press "play" on their first track as you re-experience that rush of adrenaline drilling into the core of your being. It's nearly impossible to not sign up to their mailing list because you can't resist the urge to be the first to hear a new release, or find out when their next show is. Your new favourite band. "I wonder if they have any shows in Ottawa soon?!"

As you continue searching through their website, you come upon their "upcoming events" page and see that they are infact playing in Ottawa at a small russian-themed venue called "Avant-Garde Bar". You think to yourself " Oh. My. God. My favourite band is playing at one of my favourite venues in the city. I have to go. I have to bring all my cool friends and get as many people to come because I want everyone to experience this band's incredible sound and witness their mind-boggling performance."

You double check the date of the show "Saturday November 25th", write it on your physical calendar AND your phone's calendar. You text your friends so they don't forget and let your boss know that you are taking the night of the 25th OFF to go see an amazing band. Sure, you'll be losing a night shift's pay, and paying $10 at the door to get in, but you've already planned ahead and saved a few bucks to compensate for the "loss".

When the night finally arrives, you are so excited you can't keep cool. That's when you remember you signed up to their mailing list and received all their songs as free download to your computer and/or phone.

So you spend the rest of the evening listening to all their tracks before the show. Now that's a fan.

........................... PART 2/2 on NOVEMBER 25th at AVANT-GARDE BAR with TRANSIT LAKE and PIN UP (MTL)

Gravelines at The Black Sheep Inn

The Black Sheep Inn, 753 Riverside Drive, Wakefield, Qc

Ending the summer with a big bang. The black sheep inn is a famous music venue in Wakefield Quebec, a picturesque village with lots of character. We are super stoked to be playing here again in 2017! Our friends in Onionface will be kicking off the night at 9PM with some seriously awesome rock'n'roll. Tickets are $10, you can buy them directly from us or at the black sheep inn's website This venue also serves food starting at 6PM!

Saturday September 16th *****PLEASE NOTE: You do not need a PAYPAL account to purchase these tickets. Simply select the "Pay with Visa Debit or MasterCard" option.

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Gravelines Private Bush Party Show

Hippy Rock, Aylmer, Quebec

When's the last time you went to a bush party? when's the last time you went to bush party with a LIVE BAND playing? That's what I thought. THIS IS GOING TO BE A NIGHT TO REMEMBER: FRIENDS, MUSIC, PARTYING & MORE PARTYING!

DRESS CODE: EXTRAVAGANT GLOW (wear glow sticks, glow paint, flashy jewelry, etc)

We will be filming for one or two of our songs. If you're there, you'll probably end up in this video. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to join GRAVELINES in a music video production. But don't worry, you don't have to memorize a script or anything, just some lyrics to our song so it looks like you actually like our music and want to be there.

Get ready to have a seriously fun time in a beautiful location! We are really excited for this is our first BUSH PARTY CONCERT so we would love to share the experience with you!

$4.00/early bird Ticket $5.00 Ticket after September 17th

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Gravelines with Holy Christopher & Sparklesaurus $5 $5 $5

Bar Robo, 692 SOMERSET ST W., Ottawa, Ontario

A seriously awesome line up of musicians.

Punk-grunge rockers HOLY CHRISTOPHER bring you back to a time where punk ruled the universe. Their sound makes you feel like it still is! Don't forget to bring your ripped jeans and black wife-beaters so you don't look like an outcast!

SPARKLESAURUS: A cross between Heart, FleetWood Mac & Dixie Chicks. An amazing group you should definitely not miss. They have these unbelievable 3-part harmonies that make your spine shiver: very rare these days.

And then there's us, GRAVELINES. Hard Rock, with a twist of lemon-punk and shaken (not stirred) on ice.

Can't wait to see you there! Bar Robo is a super cool spot to be, regardless of the music playing!

You'll receive a discount code for our Up Coming EP if you can make it to this show!!!!!!

Blast From The Sun with Gravelines & OmStreet

Le Petit Chicago, 50 Promenade Du Portage, Hull, Québec

What a great night to come out and party! A few days away from summer, at an awesome venue with great music. Three bands, three different sounds, one great night. We hope you make it out to this show, to celebrate the season of the sun!

The Burs, Gravelines & HellHeart @ Zaphod's

Zaphod's Beeblebrox, 27 York Street, Ottawa, Ontario

Zaphod's is one of Ottawa's most awesome venues. We are super fortunate to be playing there again this March 31st with HellHeart and The Burs!! It's actually really nice to play infront of people, so come out to Zaphod's, spend $6, buy a few drinks, see a few bands and then you can leave happy as a clam! Happiness not provided. Please BYOH

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